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  Faced with the avalanche of donations for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, and faced with the pressure of their inhabitants and elected officials, several municipalities have decided to retract after promising to provide financial support。


  Shocked by the fire of Notre-Dame, the Mayor of Morbecque did not hesitate a second to announce a donation of 2,600 euros。 But after the emotion, the reason prevailed and the city council finally opposed it。

  因为巴黎圣母院大火受到触动之后,莫尔贝克市市长毫不犹豫地宣布捐赠2600欧元。 但情绪过后,理性占了上风,市议会最终反对这笔捐款。

  This refusal to give was voted unanimously by the municipal council, some elected preferring to finance the renovation of local buildings。


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  The union of French construction economists, Untec, released preliminary numbers this week indicating that the rebuilding efforts will cost between $330 million and $670 million, not including tax, according to the BBC。


  Depending on the estimate, between $835 million and more than $1 billion in donations have been pledged, with most of the money coming from some of France’s wealthiest families。


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  The first major donations were pledged before the fire had even been extinguished April 15。 Luxury goods magnate Francois-Henri Pinault said he would contribute $112 million, followed by his rival Bernard Arnault, who announced a donation twice his competitor’s amount。 Later on, L’Oreal’s Bettencourt Meyers family and the chief executive of French oil giant Total announced similar contributions。

  4月15日甚至在火灾被扑灭之前,已经有人承诺了第一笔重大捐款。奢侈品巨头弗朗索瓦 - 亨利皮诺特表示,他将捐助1.12亿美元。接着他的竞争对手伯纳德•阿尔诺宣布捐款两倍于竞争对手的金额。后来,欧莱雅的贝当古-梅耶斯家族和法国石油巨头道达尔的首席执行官宣布了类似的捐助。

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  Some criticism was aimed at donors for not paying their fair share in taxes and thus depriving the French government of the revenue to repair Notre-Dame itself。 Others denounced the reputational boost bestowed on philanthropists at a time of national tragedy。 And some attacked the premise of giving so much to a damaged cathedral when that money could better benefit social service organizations that could provide food, shelter or a better education to needy citizens。


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